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I am in my 4th year of study for BE in New Zealand, and I chose to design and build a ternary computer as my final year project.

So far I have made a working 12-trit controller with RISC architecture. Although it is able to run assembler programs that are downloaded through a serial port there is still some development that needs to happen before it is complete. My prototype is currently running at 1.25 million instructions per second.

I have demonstrated that ternary programs are less complex than equivalent binary programs and that you get more done per clock cycle (& fewer conditional jumps).

Ternary computing is a very interesting concept. I hope it will address the two biggest mistakes that were made in the formative years of computing. 1. Binary, 2. Bloat-ware.

My foundation structure and instruction set is very different to that described in the 3niti pages because we have developed them independently and in isolation. Either way, I would very much like to see further development and research in this area.

I can be contacted via email:

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