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I have interest in methods and programs that use trinary algorithms to visualize mathematicals anomalies in some data patterns. For example, if I upload a CSV file, then I would like to see how functions transform any type of data in ternary associations.

I have been working since 1988 in trinary logic using real numbers in some data studies. I covered many surveys in human resources departments among thousand of employees. Also I worked in prediction reports for insurance markets, retail, and on line discounts. I usually use Excel editing 200mb to 600mb sheets with many macros that transform data searching ternary patterns.

I have interests in clustering methods using tri-states.

I have a project named that have focus in reports using excel files, but where the data is transformed in trinary elements.

My Linkedin Profile is

PS: My biblie is the book Setun from Francis Hunger. There are some pictures in this book that clearly distinguish some patterns and people to contact.

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