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My nickname is Barmaleikin. I am very interested in development of any kind of computing devices based on balanced ternary system. It can be a software emulation, hardware emulation based on binary elements, hardware emulation implemented in logical matrixes or the most ineteresting thing - it can be based on true balanced ternary elements. I am sure that ternary systems (especially the balanced ternary) have future and it can help us make the world a bit better and safer since it can make computations with significally better precision, and makes device control easier. Compared to classic binary systems the balanced ternary systems also have better capabilities in logic processing and so the most intriguing areas for ternary systems are expert systems and the artificial intelligence. Ternary means natural.

The 3nity project is the very good start to spread the word for ternary computing systems and ternary logic.

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