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My name is Benjamin. I live in Canada.

I found this page Via: google search "ternary emulator" which led me to then to, and finally here.

I logged onto the internet with the intent of learning how to program. I have some experience in javascript and actionscript 2.0

In trying to decide which language to learn I learned much about the history of computers and programming. I decided Assembly language was a good way to start learning, or possibly even straight machine code. I learned about setun and it seemed obviously a better computing paradigm than binary. I figured, "heck, if i'm going to go through all the trouble of learning machine code and assembly languages, why not begin learning them on a more powerful computing paradigm (ternary)"

It also seems like ternary computation is more analogous to the way our brains actually work: And isn't that the entire point of programming? To emulate human brain functioning?

So I joined the site, and I hope to be learning the basics of computing and programming from the ground up on a trinary system, unencumbered by binary thought. I hope to learn by doing and contribute to the growth of the ternary computing community.

Any help and direction would be appreciated.

I also plan to continue learning other, and higher level languages beginning with FORTH and Java.

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